Social Recruiting Mistakes

90% of the recruiters are using social media for their hiring methods and even the job seekers are using social media to find appropriate jobs for themselves. Social media allow brands to interact with its customers directly thus improving its employer branding which results in attracting best of talents. But how many are actually successful in getting the significant result from social media hiring? It is not as simple as creating profile on social platforms and you will get the right candidate. Instead it is very easy to make mistakes and ruin all your recruiting efforts.
Here are the few mistakes one should avoid to get the best results out of social media hiring:

  1. Lack of candidate’s engagement
    If you would like your social media recruiting process to be less painful and more productive, then you would like to act fast, be the primary one to succeed in out and also be quick to reply even once you get busy. This includes consistent efforts to boost your leads at every level of search journey. From communicating with potential hires with the proper messaging at the proper time to keeping a continuing track of each candidate from every source, the recruiters got to be proactive and accessible every day.
  2. Lack of social media strategy
    Social recruiting is important. That’s a given. But that can’t be your reason for investing in it at your company. You need a minimum of a basic strategy to assist you get the best ROI from social channels. This is one of those mistakes that can cause you a lot of trouble. If you propose to use social media for hiring purposes, you won’t get any results without a transparent plan and defined recruiting goals. Since no brands are often present on all social media platforms, you would like to select people who are really goldmines of talented candidates.
  3. Failure in creating good content
    Social recruiting is pretty time consuming, especially if you’re trying to balance it together with your other recruiting responsibilities, so posting regular, top quality content to your social channels is one of the toughest challenges to overcome. Posting generic messages and meaningless status updates that look only slightly better than spam is that the worst social media sin – an error which will seriously damage your brand. This kind of behaviour will discourage potential talent from becoming curious about what your company has got to offer. You need to post with a specific audience in mind by adding a meaningful voice to the conversation. Posting the proper content can assist you engage a broad audience of relevant candidates and obtain real results from social.
  4. No defined target audience
    Posting with no audience is another great mistake brands often commit on social media. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to social recruiting. Think about it — if you don’t narrow your focus and tailor your strategy based on the preferences of your ideal candidate, you’ll be wasting your efforts on a largely unqualified or uninterested talent pool. In this way, only the appropriate industry will be targeted. Don’t forget to always research your competition.
  5. Empty profiles
    You expect a candidate to possess an up-to-date professional profile and photo, but is yours incomplete? A tech pro is sure to inspect your qualifications and reputation before responding to your initial outreach. Some brands lack profile pictures and also Leave their social media profiles empty. This simply sends the incorrect message: no individuality, no personality, no character, no brand, and thus no interesting or genuine jobs to supply. Instead, help candidates make sense of your brand. Always reflect your audience within the language of your posts and bio – be playful or serious when needed.

    Social media offers an upscale environment through which to send various messages about your company. To make the foremost of its hiring potential, you would like to make a robust brand, show why your organisation is a beautiful employer and you would like to post interesting content. Eventually, you’ll see all this effort pay off in real talent arriving on the doorstep for job interviews.
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