Ways of motivating your employee

Motivated employees are crucial to the success of the company. A research says that most of the employees at workplace does not feel motivated and therefore fail to give their best efforts. Employees are the wheels of a company and if that weakens then surely the organization will slow down and will not be able to reach its destination. Incentive do motivate the employees but just providing incentive will not work as there are other factors that plays important role in motivating the employees.

Sometimes even the best managers fail to keep its team members motivated and they have to think out of the box so that they get better productivity and lower employee turnover. Here are some points that will help you to keep your team motivated.

  1. Create a good working environment:
    A workplace matters a most when it comes to delivering output. To win in the marketplace one should first win in the workplace. A leader should create a positive and friendly environment for its employees so that there are no barriers among the colleagues. The place should be well-lit, clean and organized that creates a pleasant atmosphere to work in because disorganized workplace kills creativity. Add innovative furniture and motivating quotes on the walls that makes the place enjoyable.
  2. Reward your employees:
    To keep employees in your company, you have to give them a reason to stay. The basis on which the employees make distinction of good and bad is whether the company provides incentives or not. Employees deserve the highest contribution of profit because they take the company to the top therefore; they are entitled to receive an occasional incentive for their hard-work. Make a quarterly bonus plan or provide profit-sharing incentive. This will motivate the employees to work harder and achieve the desired goal on time.
  3. Open door policy:
    An organisation should create a welcoming work environment for their employees which suggest that employees at whatever level can communicate with the management, ensuring that there are no hierarchy barriers. This policy also suggests that employees should be involved in the decision making procedures. Always value the ideas shared by them and let them know that their ideas and opinion counts. This motivates your team members and ensures that they know how they are contributing in the company’s vision.
  4. Make smaller weekly goals:
    Always make smaller goals like for a week or two that inspires the employees to achieve it and get rewards on the following. If you make long term plans that will seem unrealistic to your employees and they will soon lose interest and thus will not give their best efforts on the project.
  5. Always create a transparent environment with your team:
    A good team leader never hides the project information or future goals of the company with its team because they are the one who will assist in achieving the goal. Always update your team with the information and future goals so that they have something to engage with. If they have no idea about how organization works and who are their customers then how will they serve them. Sharing necessary information and plans will make them feel important and thus will be motivated to do the job.
  6. Give necessary feedback:
    Good feedback is a key to improvement. No human being under the sun is perfect and if you provide concrete suggestion to improve the work instead of sheer criticism, the team members will appreciate that and will thrive to increase the productivity.
  7. Appreciating the hard work of employees:
    Every individual loves appreciation for the work they are doing which enhances their morale and motivates them to work harder. Expressing gratitude also creates a positive working environment that influences other employees to give their best.
  8. Provide Flexibility:
    Your team members also have a personal life and respecting that will make them loyal towards your company because if you respect them they will respect your company. Providing flexible working hours and schedule will help them deliver their professional and personal responsibilities. In today’s scenario when the technology is at its peak so working from home has become more convenient than ever so it should be flexible for the employees to work accordingly.
  9. Asking their requirements:
    When a company expects loyalty, hard-work and responsibility from its employees, then employees also expects few things in return except the incentive. Most of the time what an employee wants gets ignored and this reduces the morale of the individual. So it is necessary to ask your team members what they are expecting from the company and how they can serve them. This is the best method to motivate your employee because they will never expect this from you, so always give what is unexpected.

    These are the ways you can keep your employees motivated and this will help you to achieve your goals with higher productivity and will prevent employee absenteeism.  A motivated employee will go an extra mile for your company because the growth of the company will be directly proportional to their growth as a person.
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