Responsibility of Employees towards an Organization

With great power comes great responsibility. An organization has certain responsibility towards its employees and customers which they have to follow. Likewise, employees also have responsibility towards its organization, so both side should respect the mutual obligations and work accordingly for the growth of the organization and its employees. An employee is not just liable to complete his task but there are numerous responsibilities which they have to follow in keeping the organization work smoothly.
Let’s discuss some of the responsibilities of an employee towards an organization:

  1. Work Competently
    The first and foremost responsibility of an employee is to know his job very well and should be a technical expert in it. They are required to do the work in a right manner and give best of their efforts. An employee must be capable of doing the work assigned to him/her and working towards the objective and mission of the organization. If in case, an employee is incapable of doing a task he/she should immediately communicate it with the supervisor so that they can get the assistance on time and this will also help in building good relationship with the colleagues.
  2. An employee should be a team player:
    Each employee has an assigned role in the organization but each member is important for obtaining the desired result, for that one should coordinate with each other. If you want to work consistently you have to be a team player. Taking part in discussions, attending meetings and initiating ideas makes you a team player which will help you achieve the goals more effectively. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, says R.Satoro.
  3. Punctuality
    Punctuality is basically not being on time but respecting your own commitments. The supreme responsibility of an employee is to be punctual and regular at work. Delaying and absenteeism affects the resources of the company harshly which is an unprofessional act.
  4. Maintain good work culture
    Work culture is very important in an organization as it helps in extracting best out of employees and the same is maintained by the employees itself. Every employee wants to work in a healthy environment irrespective of the cultural, gender and management differences. To maintain a good working culture, an employee has to adhere to the policies and ethics of the company and should respect the rules and regulations. The common problem that a company faces is gender differences in the work place. One should respect each other and there should be no domination to maintain the harmony in the organization.
  5. Be safe and healthy
    It is the responsibility of an employee to take care about their safety and health as this should be their highest priority. If you are not fit enough to work then how will you deliver the best results, so it is important to keep your health first. While working in the organisation one should use safety equipments for their protection. A healthy employee is the greatest asset!
  6. Management of the task and other employees
    An employee should be a jack of all trades. Besides doing the job assigned to him/her, they should also know how to handle different tasks in the organisation. Their main responsibility is to organise the work in a fashion that they meet the deadlines on time. Also they are responsible to create a recruitment plan by mentioning the list of requirements that they want in a candidate. They should motivate other employees to work towards the goal of the organisation.
  7. Use of limited resources
    Employee should make do with the limited source available in the company and give their best out of it. One should use it wisely and not waste it as they are responsible for the long life of the existing resource. This will help them to be responsible and more careful.
  8. Contribute into development
    An employee is responsible to contribute to the development of the organisation by working competently and consistently. They should work for the accomplishments of goals to increase the profitability and growth of the company. Employees are the driving force that leads to profit and if they don’t work with an objective then that would become a dicey situation. It is their responsibility to keep track of the success and how they can work to maintain it.

    An employee should maintain a good relationship with its managers and colleagues to avoid internal disputes and also they are the face of the company so they have to build good relationships with its customers to protect the goodwill of the organisations. They should always be ready to take the feedback which will enhance their skills and prepare them for tough situations. An employee is liable to share success and recognition with its team as this boosts the morale of the each individual.
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