How AI helps in Recruiting Process

Recruitment is a lengthy process which includes complex steps, a lot of documentation and huge amount of analysis that takes time. The role of a recruiter is the most difficult of all, it is like “finding a needle from a haystack”. They can receive thousands of application for some posts and from that applications they have to select a few for the further process based on qualification, experience etc. It is not possible for a recruiter to spend its entire life in hiring candidates as they have other responsibilities also. So, to solve this problem technology has come up with the advancement of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence may be a technology that gains more and more attention per annum. Intelligent and self-learning programs are utilized in software development and lots of other areas of IT. Of course, AI remains far away from human cognitive abilities, but many modern machines can learn, make difficult decisions, and think.

HR managers are more or less dependent on AI while hiring as it eases their task of analysing and provide them large chunks of detailed information that helps them to take faster decision. There is more specialized software that analyses the skills of the candidates which gives the employer an idea whether to proceed for interview or not. These new technologies are basically designed to streamline and automate some parts of the recruiting process that are repetitive or require huge workflow.
Here are the ways in which AI can help recruiters in hiring process:

  1. Improves Screening
    AI powered system software boost the screening process. It scans hundreds and thousands of resumes and applications of the candidates in a matter of few minutes and identify and shortlist the candidates based on the given skills desired for the post. The whole screening method becomes automated which saves a lot of time of the recruiters. AI-powered recruiting software can send employment post to thousands of job-seekers/potential candidates. It can post employment advertisement on multiple job boards and social media sites directly. This will save several productive hours for the recruiters and make the recruitment process simpler. It also analyses practical skills through virtual test which helps the recruiter to take the decision whether to proceed to the next step or not.
  2. Better Sourcing
    According to a research, 46% of the recruiters find it difficult to source best fit candidate for the desired role. AI search programs help the recruiters to search online resumes and find right candidates on social media considering their profile. These can also create personalised messages for each candidate to attract them by making them feel special. This is something which a human recruiter cannot do alone. AI is also popular in HR because it does not understand human biases and provides a diverse pool of talent which has been only judged on their skills.
  3. Chatbots for communication
    In addition to helping the HR teams with a variety of administrative tasks such as collecting employee data and conducting initial screening, chatbots are great tools for candidate engagement. Recruiters can employ chatbots to reply to the queries of candidates and to schedule interviews with the shortlisted prospects. This reduces the potential waiting time candidates would have otherwise experienced if a person’s was liable for the communication. It has a potential to improve candidate’s experience. According to studies, 58% of the candidates have a negative impact on the company when they don’t hear back after submitting the application whereas 67% of the candidates have a positive impact when they get immediate reply from the company which makes them feel wanted.
  4. Interview assistance
    AI in HR provides an easy way not only to succeed in bent possible candidates, but also screen, rank, and shortlist their resumes supported the traits most relevant to your company. Then, once you’ve got an inventory of individuals you’d wish to interview, the chatbot can act because the scheduler. Certain AI tools also help you to conduct a virtual interview before inviting a candidate to return face to face at larger stage. Conducting a video interview will provide you to run an AI program that analyses the candidates’ facial expression, word choice, tone of voice and mannerisms.

    Even though AI is exploring most possible business spheres, recruiters are still somewhat scared of AI solutions. Some of them aren’t sure that machines are ok for this job. Others are afraid of Artificial Intelligence replacing them. On the opposite hand, this is often the rationale why the utilization of AI in recruiting will increase the worth of human work. Anyway, it’s important to understand that the AI trend in recruiting isn’t going to disappear in the nearest future. Recruiters got to learn new opportunities and adapt to the new conditions on the market.
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