How to manage your remote team effectively

The unprecedent situation has landed all of us in extreme situation where we are adopting unusual ways of living and working for survival out of which one is remote working. It has become a trend now, infact it has become a necessity. As a result, the role of managers have doubled up as the situation is very new to everyone and in this they have to manage their team effectively so as to maintain company’s performance. Companies have changed various policies and procedures and adopted new policies demanded by the situation to survive in the market. It is the biggest challenge for HR managers to engage their employees and motivate them to work effectively.
Here are the ways in which the mangers can support their team member while working remotely:

  1. Establish daily check-in policies
    The companies should make it a rule or a habit and develop a daily call with their remote workers.  This could take the shape of a series of one-on-one calls, if your employees work more independently from one another, or a team call, if their work is very collaborative. The important feature is that the calls are regular and predictable, which they’re a forum during which employees know that they will consult you, and that their concerns and questions will be heard. It also helps in deciding the workflow for the entire day and easily disseminates the responsibilities of each team member.
  2. Engage your team
    Remote working becomes more efficient and satisfying when employees are well aware of their tasks and the reason behind them. Managers should clearly communicate the expectations and the tasks they need at the end of the day and how the team can achieve it. The employees should also be aware how they are contributing to the growth of the company, this helps in improving employee engagement thus providing better performance. We recommend that managers establish these “rules of engagement” with employees as soon as possible, ideally during the primary online check-in meeting. While some choices about specific expectations could also be better than others, the foremost important factor is that each one employees share an equivalent set of expectations for communication.
  3. Resource your team
    Make sure your team has the technology it must get the work done. If you suddenly have a team of remote workers, meaning there is a good chance they have tools like laptops, software, mobile devices, or maybe a high-speed internet connection. It’s not reasonable to assume that everybody has all of these things, and it is your responsibility as a manager to form sure they are doing. Lack of resources may lead to non-performing employees which will affect the productivity of the company.
  4. Provide emotional support and boost their motivation
    The abrupt shift of remote culture has a harsh effect on employee’s emotional state. It is important as a manager to check on your employee’s mental state, stress level and anxiety and empathize their struggles. Firstly, this is humanity and secondly the stress and anxiety would affect their working. Especially if there’s a new employee and you haven’t met yet, it is necessary to check on him/her regularly to make him/her feel connected as they are vulnerable to stress and loneliness because they are not habituated to your work environment. it is the responsibility of a true leader to keep its team members motivated and takes care of their mental health.
  5. Be flexible
    Understand that, especially within the current environment, your team features a lot happening. That’s not an excuse for not getting things done, but it’s a reason to reconsider what productivity really means. Punching a clock for eight hours is out. Regular work hours also are probably out for several people. Instead, trust your team and provides them the liberty and adaptability to urge work done on the schedule that helps them be the foremost productive. That’s good for your team in the long run anyway.

    While working remotely you will have to try a little to know about your team. You will never know when you actually want to know. Make it a point to have a discussion that gives you learning about their personality. Do not try to know unwanted things that may bug them. This will grow a positive culture together with your remote team. As the market goes global, so your team should. And once you need to manage your remote team, confirm you recognize their pulses. Having the proper tips and trick on the way to effectively manage remote employees, you ought to be able to create an active business together with your remote workers. You can do wonders for your business by remote working if you’re able to put those little extra efforts and drive your team towards success.
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