Hiring Generation Z

 With the evolvement of time, workforce is dominated by a particular generation. Until last year millennials dominated the workforce but with the dawning of 2020 comes the Generation Z. Gen Z is the generation born between 1997-2012 who are just leaving colleges and are ready to bring changes in the hiring process. This generation completely belongs to the digital world as they do not recall the world without internet, smartphones or video games. They have grown up in a society where discussions were about gender equality, diversity, technology, climate change etc. so their mindset have been shaped in a way that they are more concern about the above terminologies. These people expect a lifestyle different from that the people working before them at the workplace. They know that possibilities are endless and are the most hardworking generation who values their personal growth rather than money. According to a survey from LinkedIn, Gen Z individuals are considered to be tech savvy, open minded, ethical and purpose driven.
 One should keep these points in mind while hiring Gen Z:

  1. Start experimenting
    There is difference between preferences of older employees and younger employees. Gen Z are either interning or are in beginner’s level. If older employees are more comfortable with LinkedIn and younger employees with instagram then companies cannot change its hiring procedure overnight. Companies should start experimenting their hiring strategies on new platform preferred by Gen Z employees so that in future they come up with full proof strategies in adopting technological advancements. For now, they have to customise their strategies according to the employees, like if they are targeting younger group they have to post their notification on instagram to reach them. Hit and trial is the best method while adopting new methods.
  2. Go Digital
    Gen Z individuals have been brought in and around the world of internet and technology, they are not used to traditional methods. Older employees prefer physical forms for job registration while younger employees prefer going online and paperless. This method is also adopted to save paper keeping environment in mind and also it saves a lot of time. Recruiters should shift their paperwork process to online documentation as it prevents misplacing of documents and improves security. Gen Z has a deeper trust with the internet.
  3. Provide independency
    Gen Z has been shaped in a society where they were taught to be independent. Internet is the main reason behind this independency where they have all the answers from internet, they are free to post anything on social media and get advices through internet which never made them dependent on anyone. They expect the same independency while working in an organisation. The employer should provide flexible work hours, virtual teams and should give them freedom to put their opinions forward. By providing them a chance to grow and be independent improves the work culture of your company which will attract gen Z employees.
  4. Use tech savvy language
    One should know the language of the people they are working with. Gen Z is the unique group to be born in completely digital world. They are highly innovative and are open to learn anything new. They are blessed with a brain that can retain countless number of data and company requires such talents desperately. The easier way to attract such talents is to talk in their tech savvy language. They are more likely to connect to the company who understands and value them. This will encourage the Gen Z to innovate, create and grow by being what they are in a fun and meaningful way.

The bottom line is Gen Z is a human like everyone else. They are more sensitive towards their career and personal growth. They want a supportive, stable and rewarding workplace that values their opinion and respects their personal life. Being brought up in digital world has made them more creative and ambitious about things and believes that anything is achievable. They are more committed towards their work and values the ethics of the company and if the company give the same thing in return then they will be highly satisfied and can go an extra mile for it. Keeping the above points in mind, a recruiter can easily attract Gen Z individuals who will be dedicated to improve the performance of the company.

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